BN and B.Sc. Nursing Program of Oasis Medical College Closed



20 Jestha, Chitwan: Bachelor in Nursing (BN) and B.Sc. Nursing program of Oasis Medical College, Bharatpur, Chitwan has been closed. Dean of Purbanchal University,  Dr. Siddhartha Koirala, said that the program which is affiliated with Purbanchal University is currently closed.

The college had been conducting BN and B.Sc. Nursing program without the affiliation from Nepal Nursing Council. 
After Oasis college closed, Dr. Koirala informed that 99 students who had been studying 3 years BN and 4 Years B.Sc. Nursing Program will now complete their remaining courses in NPI Medical College and Shree Medical College. 
There are 13 students in BN program and 34 in B.Sc. Nursing program in NPI, whereas, there are 18 students in BN program and 34 in B.Sc. Nursing program at Shree Medical College.
Administrative Officer of NPI Nursing College, Harish Adhikari, said that in BN program 10 students of First Year, 9 students each in Second Year Year and Third Year and 5 students in Fourth Year had come to study in the college from Oasis Medical College.
Oasis Medical College had to take Rs. 9 lakh 50 thousand in 4 years for the completion of the course, and the college had already taken more than 60 percent of the fees from most of the students. "Almost 6 lakh has been taken from a student studying in the first year, this is against the rule" Administrative Officer of NPI Nursing College, Harish Adhikari said, "Remaining fees will be taken from the college itself, the issue about money is yet to conclude." 
Dean of Purbanchal University, Dr. Koirala, said that the university could do nothing on the financial side. "This is their issue and they should solve it on their own, our work is to conduct the transfer," Dr. Koirala said, "We will not solve the financial issue." 
On the other hand, administrative officer of NPI Medical College argues that the University should be a mediator to solve this issue.

Students did not receive their license
Nepal Nursing Council had stopped the affiliation after Oasis Medical College had failed to fulfil the criteria. Even after the Council had stopped the affiliation Purbanchal University had published a notice for admission. 
Oasis Medical College had conducted admission on that basis. But, the council had not given license certificate to two students who had passed B.Sc. Nursing from the college which had not taken the affiliation from the council. 
Dean of Purbanchal University, Dr. Koirala, said that it was the colleges' job to take the affiliation in required faculties. 
Oasis had been running nursing courses without the permission of Nursing Council for 6 years with the affiliation of Purbanchal University. The college has informed that permission from Nursing Council is in process.