'Pristine Beauty Art Exhibition - 2020' organized by Blue Bird College


February 28, 2020

February, 28, Lalitpur - Art and Culture Department, Bluebird Secondary School/College organized ‘Pristine Beauty Art Exhibition -2020' at Patan Museum from 15th to 18th of Falgun 2076. 

The event was inaugurated by Eminent Scholar & Culture Expert, Dr. Satya Mohan Joshi. The college has provided homage to Dr. Joshi for being part of the event as well. Dr. Joshi Stated that “If the educational institutions of Nepal can explore the hidden capabilities of the students and further guide them towards the right path then there is a huge possibility that the nation can get many artists like Leonardo da Vinci”. “Every student has lots of capabilities and it is our responsibility to create an environment where those capabilities can be flourished,” he added.

While observing all the arts in the exhibition, he found that every individual art has some story to tell about and resembles the present Nepalese Culture. Some of the arts made by the students reflect the love for motherland while other showcases the pure essence of true immortal young love. Dr. Joshi was surprised that all the arts present in the exhibition were prepared by the non-professional students though they looked like made by some professional experienced artists. He expressed that to make Nepal and the Nepalese independent the sectors like art and music must be prioritized. Nepal is culturally very rich and it is our responsibility to protect ancient art and culture.

According to the Principal of Bluebird College, Mr. Bir Singh Chhetri most of the arts made by the students of grade 11 and 12 has been sold which ranges from Npr. 4500 to 15000. Students worked very hard preparing those arts from morning to evening at college and to encourage them in their artistic journey, the college also decided to purchase some of their pictures. Around 2000 people are expected to attend the event. The program also featured cultural dances and other performances from the students.

Most of the students in Nepal who get good grades in their SEE results join Science and Management streams over Humanities and Education but many students who obtained excellent grades in SEE examination are pursuing Humanities at the college. 

The department coordinator of Art & Culture Studies, Mr. Saroj Devkota said that the number of students is limited but they are very hard-working and dedicated to exploring art and culture. He further told that we had a mindset that the humanities faculties are made for the weak students but many students having more than 3.65 GPAs are pursuing Art and Culture at the college. 

One of the students of the college, Miss Ruby Shrestha expressed of not knowing the meaning of art but now she has made art the basis of living.