Bishwabhasha Campus facing problems



The only campus in the country for teaching the foreign languages Nepal Bishwabhasha Campus is facing various problems. The campus English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, German and Dutch language. The maximum number of students are for English language. There are two levels of English that include the preliminary and the writing levels as taught in the campus.

The second most taught language is Chinese. There are about 500 students learning this language. The Embassy of China has appointed 4 teachers for the teaching in Nepal Biswabhasha Campus.

Thousands of Nepalese have gone Korea and earned sufficient money. However, none of them have learned the language in Biswabhasha Campus.

The youths pass EPS examination and go to Korea for the employment. However, the applicants do not take the classes in the Bishwabhasha Campus. Campus Chief Bhimnath Regmi says that the course of the EPS and the campus do not match. Campus syllabus mainly focuses on the Grammar and the academics. EPS does not focus on Grammar.

The courses are non academic and mainly aimed to the daily conversations in the language. There were no students in the Dutch classes of teh winter session. Similalry, the foreign students are taught the Nepali, Newari and Sanskrit languages. Preparations are being made for starting the classes on Pali Language. Five foreign students are being taught the Pali language currently. However, the Dean’s Office of the TU has not yet approved the program. Rector of Tribhuvan University rector Professor Sudha Tripathi says that the Campus is lacking in the management due to the multiple courses taught.

(Source: Kantipur)