Bill proposes free higher education in varsities for poor students


Himalayan News Service

HIMALAYAN NEWS SERVICE, Kathmandu, March 24 - Some Nepal Acts Amendment Bill on Education tabled at the Federal Parliament has proposed free higher education in all universities, including Tribhuvan University, and their constituent campuses for students who meet the prescribed eligibility criteria.

According to the bill, any student, who is financially poor and is a Dalit and disabled, shall be eligible to enjoy free higher education in universities and their constituent campuses throughout the country. This provision will be applicable in TU, Kathmandu University, Nepal Sanskrit University, Purbanchal University, Pokhara University, Lumbini Boudha University, Far-western University, Mid-western University and Agriculture and Forestry University.

“A person who does not have any income source and is not capable of supporting himself or herself for higher education shall be considered a financially poor or disadvantaged person,” the bill states. Similarly, the bill has eased the process of removing vice-chancellor, rector, registrar and chairperson of university commission.

If a university assembly submits a written application to the chancellor for removal of VC, rector, registrar or chairperson by one-fourth members of the assembly stating that he/she  has not fulfilled the responsibilities of his/her office or that he/she has not maintained the decorum of office, the chancellor may give an order to form a three-member probe panel led by any member of the assembly.

Other members of the panel include a member of University Grant Commission and secretary at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

The panel shall have to submit its report to the chancellor within 30 days. “While holding a discussion on the report, if more than 50 per cent of the assembly members immediately present at the meeting decides to remove the VC, rector, registrar or chairperson, the chancellor may dismiss him/her,” the bill states.

“Such an official shall be deemed to have been automatically suspended from the post after the start of the investigation until final decision. At that time, the chancellor may designate any official of the university to act on behalf of the suspended person.”  However, it will require the panel to give a reasonable opportunity to the VC, rector, registrar or chairperson for defence before taking a decision to remove him/her.

Likewise, the bill requires the auditor general to carry out audit of accounts of the university to check financial irregularities.