Bicycles provided to students to help in their studies


Gaighat, Udayapur Feb 18: Udayapur Chaudandi Municipality has provided bicycles free of cost to 50 students of Beltar who are studying at faraway community schools and colleges. Mayor Khagendra Rai said the municipality has given cycles to these many students to ease their travel to schools and colleges as they have to travel long hours.

With the project of VDC-2, the municipality has now distributed a bicycle to 50 students and is now aiming to distribute two hundred bicycles for free, said the head of the ward Santosh Subedi. More than two hundred students of Ward No. 2 walk on foot for hours to reach their schools and colleges. Targeting those students, 50 bicycles were immediately distributed and for the remaining 200 students the bicycle will be distributed within two months, he informed.

"Because students are the future leaders of the nation, we have begun the Bicycle Distribution Program with the budget of the Municipality so that they would not have to face difficulties to go to school" said Rai - "Now around Rs. 4 lakhs has been spent for the distribution of the bicycles, and in the near future the municipality has set a target of distributing bicycles worth Rs. 20 lakhs.”

Since, the Municipality has distributed bicycles there is now no problem of walking for hours to reach the college, said Samjhana Bhujel a student of Class 11, residing in Beltar Pragati Tol.

Bhujel says, "It used to take me an hour to reach Basaha Higher Secondary School from my home. Sometimes, I used to take ride in a tempo for travelling to and fro the college by paying a fare of hundred rupees, and when there was no money it used to take hours to reach the college. Now, since the Municipality managed the bicycles we can reach the college in only 20 minutes and coming home takes 20 or 25 minutes "

Shivraj Rai, another student of class 9, also said that after the distribution of the cycle by the municipality, it has been easy to go to school.

Rai says, "The municipality distributed cycles for us so that it would be easier for us to study. We will pay off this help of the municipality by studying well and helping this municipality and the city."

Parent Santraj Katalu, said that the municipality had done the students a favor by distributing bicycles to those students who had to walk long distances to reach the school. Due to this, the education of the children will improve and also the problem of student not being able to study due to tiredness from walking long distances will be overcome.