BernHardt Annual Sports Meet -2020 kicks off


February 05, 2020
Last updated July 15, 2021

February 4, 2020, Kathmandu BernHardt College is organizing "Annual Sports Meet 2076" at its premises. The prime objective of "Annual Sports Meet 2076" is to promote sportsmanship, and discipline among students.

The event is intra-college and has encompassed several participants from BSC. CSIT, BCA, BBM, BASW, BBS, and MBS programs. The sports meet will feature many different outdoor and indoor sports like basketball, volleyball, table tennis, etc.

About Kathmandu BernHardt College

Kathmandu BernHardt College is a unique institution designed to disseminate quality education to students. It is situated in the quiet atmosphere at Bafal Ring Road within easy reach of major locations of Kathmandu - the capital city. Peaceful, safe, independent cafeteria, spacious sports field, and friendly academic environments are the essences that make BernHardt unique as an ideal study center.