Bakar-Eid being observed today



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Kathmandu, Sept 3: The Muslim community across the country is observing the Bakar-Eid with much fanfare on Sunday. The Muslims visit the mosques, offer prayers to Allah, perform the Namaj prayers and exchange greetings to each others on the occasion. 

The festival falls on the 70th day of the Ramadan, the nine month of the Hijri (Islamic lunar calendar) and on this occasion the Muslims observe fasting during daylight. 

The Jame and Kashmiri Mosques in the capital, mosques outside the Kathmandu Valley, madrasas and Eidgah (open-air places) are crowded with the Eid devotees gathered to observe the festival. 

The government has announced a public holiday today on the occasion of the festival. 

The festival is observed commemorating the moment when Ibrahim, the first of the Old Testament who became ready to sacrifice his son at the command of Allah, the Muslim God, some 1435 years back as per the Hijri calendar, said Nirdosh Ali, chairperson of the National Muslim Commission. 

Reading Namaj, observing Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca Medina) and Roja (fasting), and offering donations and sacrifices are the five main good deeds that are supposed to be followed by the Muslim people. RSS 

President Bhandari's best wishes on Bakar-Eid

Kathmandu, Sept 3: President Bidya Devi Bhandari has extended best wishes to all the Muslim Nepali sisters and brothers within the country and outside on the occasion of Bakar-Eid (Eid-ul Adha), the holy festival of the Muslims. 

The President wished the Muslim community happiness, peace, prosperity and good health on the occasion. 

"Festivals as this have contributed to maintaining national unity, religious tolerance and mutual goodwill in our country characterized by cultural diversities and a variety of religious and cultural ethos," the President stated in her message. 

Noting that language, religion, art, culture, traditions and customs are the living indicators of the civilization, cultural richness and identity of any country, the Head-of-State has wished that may the Bakar-Eid festival provide the inspiration to us all so that we can keep intact the religious tolerance and goodwill until eternity without giving up our good deeds and righteousness from our respective places. 

The President has also urged all the Nepalis to preserve the civilization, cultural richness and diversity of the motherland. RSS 

Vice President – Bakar-Eid best wishes

Kathmandu, Sept 3: Vice President Nanda Bahadur Pun has extended best wishes to the entire Muslim community on the occasion of their second biggest festival, Bakar-Eid today. 

In a message of best wishes on the occasion, the Vice President stated that mutual goodwill, tolerance and brotherhood would be promoted among all the ethnic, linguistic, religious communities living in different geographical regions and of different cultures through this holy festival, further strengthening the Nepal's independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity. RSS 

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has extended best wishes to entire Muslim community

Kathmandu, Sept 3:Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has extended best wishes to entire Muslim community on their big festival Eid -ul Adha. 
Giving a congratulatory message today, PM Deuba said the multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-cultural and multi-religious diversity are the special identity of Nepal, which inspires all for further respect in society. 
"I believe that the constitutional provision on the National Muslim Commission will help identify the problems of the Muslim community and the measures to address them," the PM said in the best wishes message, expecting that all sectors would play constructive role to build prosperous society by addressing the grievances on basis of the achievements made so far. 
Moreover, PM Deuba wished the festival inspired all Muslim community to take a path to prosperity. 

DPM Gachchhadar wishes peace, prosperity, happiness 
Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of Nepal Loktantrik Forum Bijay Kumar Gachchhadar wished peace, prosperity and happiness to the entire Muslim community on the occasion of the Eid Ul Adha today. RSS