Baitadi devoid of local level education employees



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The education sector of Baitadi district has been affected by the absence of education employees at the local level. Employees had been appointed at the five places in the district at the local level but they haven’t been present in their jobs.

The Dashrath Municipality, Patan Municpality, Dogadakedar Muncipality, Dilasaini Municipality and Melauli Muncipality have been devoid of the office work of education.

Sources state that due to the conflict in the order of the posts, employees have not attended their jobs.

The employees say that the Non gazetted first class (nasu) officers have been handled the executive level of work due to which the officer level employees have been obliged to do the work under the command of the lower level employees.

There has been involvement of the local level employees in the scholarship programs and physical construction of the schools. So, the work has been greatly hindered by the absence of the employees.