REVISED:Bachelor level First year (BA, BBS, B.Sc and B.Ed) exam routine from Tribhuvan University



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Tribhuvan University, Examination controller office, Balkhu today publishes revised examination schedule for the upcoming examination of 3/4 years B.Sc, B.Ed and BBS (Both 3 years and 4 years program). Earlier the examination was scheduled to start from Bhadra 4, but due to recent flooding & its aftermath, TU has postponed the examination of Bhadra 4-9.

The examination will be conducted in two shift: Morning & Day.

  • Morning Shift (7 am to 10 am): 3 years Bachelor level (BA, B.Sc and B.Ed) First year-2074
  • Day Shift (1 pm to 4 pm): 4 years BBS, B.Ed, B.Sc and 3 years BBS 1st year-2074.

Major Changes in routine are:

Old Exam Date

New Exam Date

Bhadra 4, 2074

Bhadra 17, 2074 (Bhadra 31, 2074)

Bhadra 5, 2074

Bhadra 24, 2074

Bhadra 6, 2074

Bhadra 28, 2074

Bhadra 7, 2074

Bhadra 29, 2074

Bhadra 9, 2074

Bhadra 30, 2074

13th Bhadra 2074

Tribhuvan University exam controller office postponed all the examination of Bhadra 17 citing Bakar Eid, one of the major festival of Muslim devotees. These examination will be held on the same time and in the same examination center on Bhadra 31, 2074..

Download PDF of the Routine here:

Revised Exam Routine of Bachelor Level First Year-Tribhuvan University.pdf

New Routine:Revised Exam Routine of Bachelor Level First Year-Tribhuvan University.pdf

You can download OLD Routine here:

OLD Routine TU Bachelor First Year Exam Routine Full.pdf