Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) degree is Highly preferred in job market


Republica National Daily

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Sushma Shrestha, 21, is currently studying  Bachelor’s in Information Management (BIM)  at St Xavier’s College in Maitighar. Her interest in Information Technology (IT) as well as management studies made her pursue the four-year course.

“IT is very useful in today’s context and management is equally important. I’m glad I chose a course that features a combination of both the streams,” shares Shrestha, adding that since she aspires to be an entrepreneur and handle own business, excelling in the two faculties simultaneously will prove to be very beneficial. 

Likewise, Bharat Khanal, 22, a final year student at Kantipur College of Management and Information Technology (KCMIT)  in Mid Baneshwar, says, “What I like the most about BIM is that the course provides an intense knowledge on subjects like networking, database, programming, multimedia and computer architecture along with various management subjects.”

He suggests that those students, who, like himself, aspire to become an application developer, can opt for BIM. “The course will not only give ample knowledge on technology related subjects to the students for coming up with programs and software, but also on how to promote the product in the market,” he says. He highlights that BIM will make a student compatible in proper communication and marketing, too. 

Regarding the enrollment requirements, Shiva Dangol, the coordinator of National College of Computer Studies (NCCS)    in Paknajole, informs, “Students first have to pass the Tribhuvan University’s test called Central Management Admission Test (CMAT). Then the college’s faculty reviews the students’ past academic performances and candidates are selected for interview.”

At NCCS, 60 students are enrolled each year for the course. “The popularity of BIM is increasing tremendously over the years. And due to limited seats in the colleges, there’s a tough competition among the applicants,” he observes.

“The course covers subjects like Sociology, English, Statistics, Mathematics, Business Communication and Economics along with fundamental courses of programming,” shares Sujan Kayastha, Director of Thames International College  in Old Baneshwar. Due to the variety in the subjects, undergraduate students get to broaden their horizons, he adds.

“BIM plays a major role in bridging the gap between management and IT sectors. Many banks, manufacturing agencies and other corporate houses prefer the graduates of this course these days as they are dynamic in both IT and management,” Kayastha informs.

Adding to what Kayastha says about BIM’s scope, Dangol highlights, “Since BIM makes students proficient in both management as well as IT, after completing the course, they will be able to compete with Bachelor’s in Business Management (BBM)  graduates as well as Bachelor’s in Information Technology (BIT) graduates in the job market.” Students can choose from MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) as well as (Master’s in Information Technology) MIT while pursuing higher studies, he concludes.

The colleges’ admission for BIM will be open after CMAT’s results are published.