An Agreement between Kathmandu University and Kathmandu University Professors' Association



The agreement has been reached between Kathmandu University (KU) and Kathmandu University Professors' Association (KUPA) on 11 March 2018. Kathmandu University agreed to make the execution on the following stated  agreement:

1. All schools shall analyse current human resource status and formulate short and long-term human resource strategy. These strategies will be uniform in all the schools, and the policies shall be implemented and revised timely. 

2. New HR requisition and promotion procedure shall be regularized with definite annual schedule as stated below: 

a) HR Unit shall process the faculty/staff requirement by the end of Mangsir; vacancies will be announced by the End of Magh; selection process will be executed by the end of Baishakh every year. 

b) HR Unit shall annually update the qualification matrix and provide the matrix information to individuals with possible recommendation on areas where one can improve performance. 

3. KU shall formulate special policy for permanency of the faculty/staff, who are providing service on contract for a long time (more than three years). 

4. KU shall make amendments in the existing rules/regulations as per the suggestion forwarded to KU authority by Kathmandu University Professors' Association. 

5. KU shall periodically update salary, and benefits to the faculty/staff. 

6. The result of advertisement (opened in 2074 Baishakh) will be published by the end of Baishakh 2075. 

7. Grade amount (as defined in the University rules), and remuneration for exam related works will be provided to the faculties by the end of Chaitra 2074.  

The agreements are made in the presence of the following personnel:

Prof. Dr. Subodh Sharma  

Coordinator, Dialogue Team, KU 

Prof. Dr. Bim P. Shrestha 

Member, Dialogue Team, KU  

Dr. Bed Mani Dahal 

President, KUPA  

Dr. Bikas Adhikari 

General Secretary, KUPA