Affiliation to colleges under conflicts by Mid-Western University



Mid-western University has given the the affiliation to the Nepal Engineering College despite of the disagreement of the dean of the Engineering faculty. The decision was made by the meeting of the MWU Executive Council held on Sharwan 29. The vice-chancellor and registrar of the University have been said to be involved in preparing a false report to give the affiliation.

It has come to information that Dean Yama Bahadur Karki had opinionated that the University should not grant the affiliation to a college that is  mired in the controversy.

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CIAA investigates the case of Nepal Engineering College (NEC)

A source of the council informs that the official documents were not inspected and only infrastructure was kept into consideration while making the decision.

The news had been just disclosed that NEC had been privatized against laws and while this was in news MWU has given this controversial affiliation to the college. The affiliation seems improper also because the central campus itself has not all the required infrastructures to run M.Sc. Programs while it has affiliated a Kathmandu based engineering college.

The senate members and deans of the University have been against the decision. MWU has also decided to give affiliation to the Kathmandu based Global International College of Management and Presidential  Business College, while ignoring the community colleges of its own region.

University Grants Commission has time and again ordered to revoke these improper affiliations to Mid-Western University.