Affiliate medical colleges charging higher fees than KU itself


Republica National Daily

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Eight medical colleges affiliated to the  Kathmandu University (KU)  have been charging fees higher than the university itself. MBBS students enrolled at the KU pay Rs 1 million less than the ones admitted at the affiliate medical institutions.

But since the KU admits only 60 students per year, hundreds of others aspiring for MBBS seats are forced to apply to various other KU-affiliated medical colleges and pay higher fees. 

The affiliate medical colleges neither abide by the rules set by the board of the main university nor do they charge uniform fees to the MBBS students. 

“At the KU, out of the total seats, five have been set aside for the Ministry of Education and the Dhulikhel and Panauti municipalities. Ten seats are for foreign students and the remaining 45 seats are up for grabs through open competition,” said the administrative officer at the KU College of Medical Science, Deepak Dahal. 

According to Dahal, the KU has been charging Rs 3.298 million fee to local students and Rs 4.5 million to the international students. 

Whereas students admitted at affiliate medical colleges pay between Rs 3.8 million and Rs 4.4 million for the MBBS program. 

The fee at Chitwan Medical College *, at more than Rs 4.4 million, is the most expensive among the affiliated medical colleges. Student at Manipal College  of Pokhara pay around Rs 4 million for the program. 

*Note: Chitwan Medical College is affiliated with Tribhuvan University

"Since foreign students pay more than we do, these medical colleges show less interest in admitting local students," said a student who had failed to get admission during the previous semesters.

Meanwhile, Dahal said the KU is about to set a fee structure that all the affiliated medical schools would be required to follow. 

"Last year, a huge confusion regarding the fee structure had emerged among the students and parents. Now, we are about to post a fee structure on our website for everyone´s convenience," said Dahal. 

Every year, the KU and affiliated medical institutions have been admitting a total of 1,060 students. 

Trying to explain the low fee structure, Administrative Director of KU, Dr Rajendra Kasaju said, "We have been blessed with the support of donors whose money has helped us construct buildings and buy required equipments. However, the private medical colleges affiliated to us aren´t that fortunate. This ultimately forces them to increase fee structures," said Kasaju.

Source: Republica National daily, a news by- MADHUSUDAN GURAGAIN