HSEB Academic Calendar for the year 2073/74



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Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB), Examination Controller Division, Sanothimi Bhaktapur published the academic calendar for the year 2073-74. It has urged all the affiliated Higher secondary schools to follow the calendar.

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Admission of students:

1.Class 12: From 2073 Sharwan 1onwards

2.Class 11: 2073 within sharwan 15

Class Starts

1.Grade 12: Sharwan 2 2073 onwards

2.Grade 11: Sharwan 16 2073 Onwards


1.Grade 12: Baishakha second week, 2074 BS

2.Grade 11: Last week of Baishakha 2074 BS

Publication of results

1.For grade 12: Within Sharwan last 2074

2.For Grade 11: Within Kartik last 2074