ANNFSU end the protest in Far-western University



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An agreement has been reached between the protesting All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU) and  Far Western university officials. The five points agreement was made on Monday.  ANNFSU had kept the demands asking for the improvement in different areas of the university and had been on the protest from the last week of Magh. The protest was refrained after the officials agreed to fulfill the demands owing to the betterment of the University.

The chairman of the ANNFSU Kanchanpur Birendra Raj Bista has told that the union decided to take back the protest after the registrar Dwij Raj Bhatta and vice-chancellor Bhusan Shrestha came through on addressing the demands of the union for the necessary changes to be made to the university.

According to the consensus made, the result of each examinaiton will be published within three months, the semester examinaiton result will be published in 6 months and the yearly examiantion result will be published within a year.

Also, the chief of the department would be apponted within 3 days, labelling of the vehicles used by he registrar, vice-chancellor, chairman of the service commission and other vehicles of the university, notification for the absence of the officials and so on are on the list of demands put by the ANNFSU.

For a time being, an agreement has been made to address all of these demands. Previously, Nepal Students Union had conducted a similar protest demanding for various corrections to be made in the university.

(source: Gorkhapatra)