96 percent of school going children admitted



Kathmandu, 16 Jestha: About 96 percent of students who have reached the age group for studying in grade 1 have been enrolled in schools. 

According to the Financial survey released by the government, only 57.1 percent of the students who get admitted are able to complete grade 10. Whereas, only 17.2 percent of the students complete grade 12. 

In the academic year 2074, 97.2 percent students were admitted to the primary level. Similarly, the students getting admitted from class 1 to 8 is 12.3 percent and students admitting in Secondary level (Class 9 to 12) had reached to 43.9 percent.

During 2073-2074, the average share of education is 7.2 percent. However, it is expected to be 7.17 percent in the present period.  In the coming year, the increase in the education sector is estimated to be 4.8 percent.

In the Year  2074/2075, a total of 36568 students, 30,448 students from the government sector and 6,120 students from the private sector have been benefited from early childhood and pre-primary education center.