80 Year Old Ram Narayan Regular Student of Campus


Ktm- 8 Jestha: Someone said mind never gets old. This is proved by 80-year-old Ram Narayan Prasad Mandal.

80-year-old Mandal is a regular and talented student of English Literature at Masters level in Ram Sworup Ram Sagar Multiple Campus.

Permanent resident of Dhanauji Gaupalika is currently living in Janakpur. Mandal says instead of wasting time in old age, he loves to study English literature to gain more knowledge.

In 1963, although he had completed the post-graduate degree in political science from Tribhuvan University, his hunger for the study had not been fulfilled. So he is admitted in College now.

Apart from being a student of the Campus, he was involved in government work and went under voluntary retirement from the Zonal Education to do social service. He also runs a school and teaches there. His eldest son is a teacher of Botany in Kathmandu. His youngest son is an administrator in his school and his daughter is a civil servant.

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