6 thousand school going children in Kathmandu deprived of getting an education



After the admission campaign for this academic year, statistics show that 6,000 students are still not enrolled in the school. The number exists between the age group of 5 to 12 years children. According to the constitution, the responsibility of the school is under the local government, even though the admission campaign could not be effective due to the disinterest of public representative. In Kathmandu, there is one Metro Politan City and ten Municipalities. In Metro Politan City, there are 32 and in other Municipalities, there are 106 Ward numbers. Kathmandu has 282 community schools. 84 thousand students have been admitted to this ongoing educational session in those school. 

The government has continued the ‘Student Admission Campaign’ to the month of Bhadra. However, the first phase of admission campaign had started from the month of Baisakh to Jestha. In regard to the Second phase, ‘Student Admission Campaign’ was informed in the conference organized by the District Coordination Committee Kathmandu. 

Last year, the statistics show that in Kathmandu, this year, 6,264 students get deprived of getting admission.  Nandalal Paudel, head of the Education Development and Coordination Unit presented the report and said, ‘It is estimated that there is more than that.’ This is because as there is no study/investigation of labored children, street children, children of laborers and children with disabilities.  Moreover, Paudel claimed that compared to other districts, an admission rate of students in Kathmandu district is high and students leaving the school in a half is also low. 

According to statistics, the population of Kathmandu is 17 lakh. Most parents teach their children in private schools.  The trend of people entering Kathmandu in search of opportunity is the oldest trend. It is estimated that most of the students who got admitted and also leave the school half-way to community schools are the one whose parents are laborers from other districts.  In the budget of year 2075/76, it is mentioned that those who play an effective role for the development and quality of Child Development Center, then an individual will be provided with the monthly allowance of Rs, 1000. However, there was merely the participation of public representatives. Most of the attendees were the employee. 

In the name of scholarship, the government has been providing Rs 100 to a girl, Dalit, underprivileged and sincere students and this amount has not been able to help. On the other hand, there is no disabled-friendly school and facilities for children with disabilities.