​ 224 community schools in Baitadi without teachers' quota



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Baitadi, Jan 3 (RSS): Two hundred and twenty four out of the 539 community schools in Baitadi district are running without any posts of teachers to be appointed by the government, and they are run by teachers appointed on the so-called 'private source'. 

The local community pays the salary to the teachers appointed from 'private source'. The quality of education at these schools has also decreased due to this. 

Among the 224 schools without any post for teachers on government payroll, 90 run classes from Grade 1 to 5 under the basic education level, 91 run classes from Grade 1 to 8 and 43 run secondary level classes. These schools are entirely run by the teachers appointed through the 'private source'.

 They are facing various problems as the teachers' posts have not been adjusted and filled for a long time. 
Teaching and learning activities are hampered at these schools as the number of teachers does not match the posts. "The private source teachers also work for a couple of months and they leave. This hampers the children's studies at school," Ganesh Awasthi, the head teacher at the Siddhanath Basic School, said. 
He said the schools also cannot hire teachers by themselves as they are financially not sound to meet the teachers' salary.