20 women, who crossed their schooling age, joined the school



Waling, Syangja 8 Jestha(RSS): The women of Syangja, Waling -13, got admitted to the school for their studies. 

In the local school named Laxmi Secondary School, 20 women of age group from 25 – 52 got admitted in the school after understanding the importance of education, said the principal, Gopal Gaire. 

In our generation, “women are not allowed to continue their study even if they are interested.” Said Deepkala Gaire, aged 48.  She added,  with time, she has understood the importance of education and got admitted to class 5. Now, she will continue to study further.

She is strongly committed to go to school regularly and learn the things from her children and much willing to complete her study, said, Deepkala Gaire. Similarly, Manju Gaire, aged 25, who had to leave her study as she got married earlier did not get chance to complete her education. Now, she has been admitted to Laxmi Secondary School in class 11. 

“Because of marriage, I had to leave my education”, said Manju Gaire. “ Now I am thinking of continuing my study from where I had left.” Now the school has initiated the special classes along with computer and music classes for the Women who are deprived of getting the education because of various issues. 

“Where there is a will, there is a way, the women here come to school as like other students.” Said principal Gopal Gaire.  “It will be difficult for them to study with other students. So,  we will be teaching them in special classes in both Nepali and  English medium along with simple mathematics class. 

The initiation of participation of women with the increasing aged group of women has been taken positively with the aim of increasing literacy rate. The school administration informed that this initiation will further continue effectively in coming days.