1st and 2nd Phase Election:Public Holiday, Academic Institution to remain close for 3 days



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Kathmandu, Nov 23 : Government of Nepal, Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) declared public holiday in 35 districts across province no 1,07 Mangsir to 10 Mangsir.  

According to the notice where first phase of election will take place on 10 Mangsir 2074  will remain close from 07 Mangsir to 10 Mangsir 

Similarly in 45 district where the election will be held in second phase of election will take place on 21 Mangsir will remain closed from to 18 Mangsir to 21 Mangsir, in view of the 1st and 2nd phase of election which is going to held on Mangsir  10 and 21.

As the government employees, non-governmental ones alike will be mobilized for facilitation during the poll and rendering services could be adversely affected on the day, earlier election commission of Nepal has asked the MoHA to grant public holiday for all government offices, semi-government and public institutions on that very day, according to the Commission's Spokesperson .