16 schools of Koshi Rural Municipality lacked teachers' post



Inaruwa, 30 Jestha: 16 schools of Koshi Rural Municipality of Sunsari need more post for teachers. Thus, founder of the school submitted the attention letter with the demand for more positions for teachers. 

According to Education Act-2028 and Education Rules- 2059, it is claimed that out of 31 community schools,13 schools have no posts. Thus, founder of school has given the attention letter by demanding the post of teachers, said one of the teachers, Fanilal Sada. 

Principal and teachers claimed that due to the lack of posts they submitted the attention letter demanding for posts for teachers along with 10 more written demands to Rural Municipality informed the teacher, Arun Kumar Mandal. 

In the letter, it has been stated that due to the lack of post for teachers, there was difficulty in teaching process thus, it is necessary for the management of post for the teachers. Moreover, there should be a separate appointment for teachers informed one of the teachers, Jeetan Shah.