15,000 temporary teachers to get permanent appointments


Himalayan News Service

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The government is planning to give permanent appointments to 15,000 temporary teachers and promote 40,000 serving permanent teachers one level up.

Talking to media people on Tuesday, Minister for Education Ganga Lal Tuladhar said that the ministry was planning to table a proposal to this effect and get it endorse by the cabinet within 20 days.

Temporary school teachers are protesting for a long time demanding they be given permanent status of service.

"First of all let us address the demands of the agitating teachers. If the protests continue even after that, a bold action will be taken against them," Minister Tuladhar said.

He said that the community schools were drawing criticism for their poor results and blamed the centralized examination system for the poor performance

"Teachers alone are not responsible for the poor performance of the community schools. The centralized examination system and other factors are equally responsible," he said.

Tuladhar regretted the fact that even the teachers were not cooperating to declare schools as the zone of peace.

Schools have been declared as peace zone after efforts of 10 years and no one need to suspect about its intention, Tuladhar said.

The education ministry has already issued directives to implement the school as peace zone. However; the impact of the declaration is yet to be felt as schools are still suffering from strikes, Tuladhar said.

Talking about the recently published School Leaving Certificate (SLC) results, Minister Tuladhar said that the results were poor, a result of the state lacking clear policies and sound education system.

Tuladhar said that the government was planning to organise an educational conference in the near future to formulate policies to improve exam system.

He also urged the private schools not only to boast about their good results but also meet their responsibilities towards other students.

Meanwhile, the education experts and other stakeholders have pointed out that the government is not taking the SLC seriously and limiting it to mere formality.

Gita Rana, President of National Private and Boarding School Organization of Nepal (NPABSON), complained that students were deprived of receiving their SLC results in time.

The government should develop such mechanism that the students can find out their results immediately, she said.

Education expert Dr. Tirtha Khaniya criticised the poor results of this year’s SLC and said that education was getting commercialized.

Educationist Mana Prasad Wagle said that the education system must be made more practical and effective.

(Source: The Rising Nepal)