13 student unions up in arms against TU's decision on Directorate


Himalayan News Service

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The 13 student unions Thursday protested against a recent decision of Tribhuvan University (TU) to form Students Welfare and Sport Directorate at each of its constituent campus.

The unions blamed that the latest decision would curtail the authority and power of the student unions. The move would also bring deformation in the existing student unions, he added. The meeting of 13 student unions held today demanded with TU to cancel the TU decision of formation of such a body at each of its campus.

According to student unions, TU has released directive for the formation of the Student Welfare and Sports Directorate without seeking advice or making any agreement with the student unions.

The TU directive explains that Student Welfare and Sports Directorate would organize the creative activities like sports, debate, and quiz programmes at colleges, which are currently being done by the free student unions (FSU) of each campus.

The meeting of the unions also decided to submit its demand with ultimatum to the vice-chancellor of TU on Friday.

According to directives the campus chief would be the chairperson of the committee. The committee would be comprised of three teachers, a students’ representative, a representative of TU Professors’ unit of the campus, a representative from FSU.

Likewise, the meeting urged TU to announce the date of FSU election.They claimed that if TU would announce the date of the election, then the unions would make their decision on the system of elections.

(Source: The Rising Nepal)