12,000 students admitted for LLB first year


Republica National Daily

 Ashok Dahal and Ananta Raj Luitel, Oct 3: Nearly 12,000 students have been admitted to the first year of the Bachelor of Law (LLB) program at Nepal Law Campus, which is affiliated to Tribhuvan University. This is said to be an all-time high in admissions at one college in a single year. The campus authorities said that the number is still increasing.

“We have admitted around 12,000 students as of Tuesday and the campus is still taking admissions of those who already deposited the admission fees by the deadline on Monday. So the number will increase further,” said Tara Prakash Paudel, an assistant professor at the campus. The campus has been surprised by the sudden flow of students into the LLB program. It admitted only 4,250 students for the same program last academic year.

Citing lack of infrastructure, the campus had decided to admit only 800 students through entrance exams this academic session, and over 5,000 students applied for the entrance exam. But some student groups tore up the exam answer sheets, demanding admissions for all who appeared for the exams. Following protests by various student organizations and a court order, the campus decided to admit all interested students by October 1.

“To my knowledge, over 11,500 students are getting admissions to LLB first year,” said Hari Pangeni, president of All Nepal National Free Student Union at the campus. The college has collected Rs 108 million in admission fees from the 12,000 students . Each student was asked to pay Rs 9,150 as entrance, library and various other fees .

But students complain of difficulty in getting inside the classroom due to the sheer numbers. “Only four class sections have been arranged for the whole student cohort . All the students cannot get a place to sit and many can't hear the teachers,” said Bandana Kandel, a student .

Only 600 students can be adjusted in the four classrooms. The college has been running LLB classes only in the morning and students don't get a minute's break. Ashok Timilsena, who was recently admitted for the LLB, said , “I am attracted to law as it's needed in any senior post." Many civil servants peruse a law degree for their promotion .

The campus believes that the number of LLB students suddenly jumped following rumors that the thee-year program was being phased out from next year. Professors are using loud speakers during classes . “We have no choice but to ask students to sit in the open ground at Bhrikutimandap and to teach the courses with loudspeakers,” said Assistant Prof Paudel.

Stakeholders have complained about the quality of the teaching after the campus admitted such huge numbers of students.