11th university to be established in the country



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The parliament has passed the bill for the eleventh University of the country on Thursday. Rajashri Janak University has been the next University to be added to the list of universiites in Nepal.

The University has been said to be established for the preservation and promotion of the Maithili art and culture. It will have the teaching faculties in the field of arts, Science, medicine, agriculture, forest and so on.

The office of the University will be located in Janakpur. The University will be run by the funding and investment from the Government.

The bill also mentions the provision for the establishment of research centers for investigaiton and research in the field of Science and Technology, Arts and other fields in the future. Education Minster Dhani Ram Paudel had presented the proposal for the bill to the parliament a week back which was approved by the parliament.

With the establishment of this University each province of the country now has one university. Before this only province 2 did not have any university. the process for the estabishment of this University had been ongoing for over 20 years which has finally come to fruitful decision.