10 years suspension on the establishment of medical college



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The government is ready to present the National Medical Education Ordinance in the Cabinet tomorrow. The ordinance was drafted as per the demands made by  Dr. Govinda KC and to end his 13th Hunger strike.

Dr KC ended his 13th hunger strike on the 14th day after signing a 10-point agreement with the government on October 18. after the Government had assured Dr. KC to fulfill his demands including enactment of Health Profession and Education legislation through ordinance 

After passage of the ordinance from the Cabinet, it will be submitted to the president for authentication.

A team of Government comprising of former health minister Gagan Thapa, Advocate Om Prakash Aryal and Dr Govinda KC’s talks team had finalised the draft of the ordinance.

“The ordinance incorporates all the recommendations made by the Mathema-led panel and Dr KC’s suggestions. The talks team members, Thapa and Aryal, worked hard on the ordinance,”

According to Dr Abhishek Singh, one of members of Dr KC’s talks team the team has taken care to address the demands made by Dr. KC.

Dr KC has been demanding immediate passage of the Medical Education Bill as per the recommendations made by the Mathema-led panel.

In the chief demands is the the susupension period of 10 years to the establishment of any Medical college in the country.He has also demanded that all medical schools comply with the fee structure set by the government.

 Dr KC had staged his 13th fast-unto-death protest demanding an end to irregularities in the health and medical education sectors.

(source: THT)