10 school buildings have not reconstructed yet


Ramechhap: Janjagrit Secondary School of  Betali are studying in the tin-roof temporary classes for 3 years.  The school building which had damaged by an earthquake is still not in the phase of restoration. 

‘Students tolerate scorching sun, heavy rain and strong wind,’ said principal Govinda Bahadur Khatri. “There is no other option for us to teach them in a safe place.”  Almost 450 students faced difficulty while studying here. Due to the lack of proper infrastructure, there are irregularities of classss. The teaching-learning process is distracted due to rain and wind. 

Similarly, Jatteswor Secondary School of Gokulganga Municipality is more woeful. Students get sick due to unable to tolerate the cold. They are obliged to study under tin-roof. The students of Himalayan region are compelled to tolerate the cold and rain due to lack of proper buildings.  100 of schools have been built in the districts which were damaged by an earthquake. However, 10 secondary schools of the same district have still not decided to build the school.  The responsibility for reconstruction was taken by the Embassy of India in which they did not show an interest resulting in the students to endure such situation. 

District Planning Implementation Unit (Education), Head of the Unit, Hemanta Budhathoki informed that 10 schools had been in dilemma for the construction. Schools which had affected by the earthquake were selected in an initial phase in which Indian embassy took the responsibility for the renovation. Schools which had been selected after those school have finished rebuilding and has started to take the classes. However, the embassy of India has not yet offer of a bid for building the school. Meanwhile, with the help of  Asian Development Bank and other bodies, more than 100 of schools have started to run the classes after the completion of the construction process. 

According to the head of the Unit, Budhathoki, Jatteswor Secondary School, Chuchure and Janajagriti Secondary School of  Gokulgnaga rural Municipality, Betali. Moreover, Tripureswor Secondary of Duragaun, Nilkantheshowr Secondary School , Kathjor . Janakalyan Secondary School, Chyasku of Ramechhap Municipality, Krishnapuri Secondary School,  Khaniyapani of Sunpati Rural Municipality, Pashupati Secondary School, Nagshiwa, of Doramba Rural Municipality, International Youth Year Secondary School, Lakhanpur and Krishna Secondary School, Timu and Khadadevi Secondary School of Khadadevi Rural Municipality are to name the schools which are under the responsibility of Indian Embassy.  , Teachers and parents have been pressurizing for the construction of school building, said Budhathoki. The school which has tin-roof have pathetic condition informed Budhathoki.

The temporary tin-roof classes for students were made after the earthquake but still, the students are compelled to study in the same classes which create a stressful condition, informed local resident, Ramchandra Biyogi.  “If the Indian Embassy does not want to take an initiative, then it should not be in dilemma.” Some schools of the district which were damaged by the earthquake have started to run the classes. Bhairavi, Nagkanya, Bhimeswor Prasun, Rudracheswor, Gaurisankar, Nawadarshan Secondary Schools have already shifted to fully- equipped buildings.