Young Cuts! The film-making workshop

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2013-09-18 - 2013-09-18


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Film making workshop for young people
Young Cuts!
The film-making workshop
“visual expression of your stories”
Young Cuts! is a twenty days film-making workshop( 5 days class based and 15 days field based) totally designed for beginners and young people.
Includes story selection, planning, writing, camera technique, conceptualization, developing and writing script, direction, cinema psychology, shooting and editing short films. The "hands-on" approach will be emphasized and by the end of the workshop, participant will have the opportunity to produce a short film on a best story selected from the idea market.
This workshop, divided in two parts, will teach participants basic film-making skills, Film Appreciation and Analysis, and Shooting Ethics.
Part 1.
The film-making workshop (class based) will run for five days. During the training, the participants will make three films alongside learning from film related professionals. First film will be Photo-film where they will combine a number of pictures that speak of a story. The second film will be motion film without sound and text. In other words, this silent film will help to bring out creativity from the participants.
Part 2.
After learning the ideas like conceptualization, scripting, shooting, editing, etc. the participants will head to the field which will be the first major output of the workshop. The third and final film will be made after the completion of workshop where two teams will be divided and will make a film (stories will be pitched by the participants themselves) within a time period of fifteen days. This film will be the final project of the workshop.
A closing ceremony of the workshop will be held at the MOVIE CLUB with screening of all the best films made by participants during the workshop.
Target audience: This workshop is designed for colleges’ level students and young people (below 27 years of age). No prior film making experience is required. Enrollment is limited to 15 participants and based on applications.
External Resource Persons:
- Manoj Pandit ( Cinema Psychology)
- Abinash Bikram Shah ( Script Writing)
- Narendra Mainali (Cinematic appreciation)
- Gopal Shivakoti ( Art of Editing)
Internal Resource Persons: On!on Films
Equipment: We encourage all applicants to carry a DSLR/ Digital still compact cameras or any video cameras but it is no compulsory.
Where: will let you know
When: September 18th- 7th Oct, 2013 (3 hours every day)
Time: 1pm - 4pm
Registration fee: NRS. 3,000/- (includes references notes, books, films, tea/coffee and certificate)
Deadline:September 9, 2013.
Organized By: On!on Films
In order to participate, applicants are required to fill application form and send it to
Details can be found at:
For further information: Contact  
Koshish Acharya: 9840011717
Bibhu Gautam: 9843134463 or 9841842878