Training Cum Workshop on Research Methodology and Proposal Writing

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2015-05-17 - 2015-05-22

Shree Durbar Tole, Pulchowk, Lalitpur

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Center for Advanced Studies, Nepal Development Research Institute is organizing Training Cum Workshop on Research Methodology and Proposal Writing.

This is a unique blend of knowledge and skills building program offered by most qualified, experienced and strong team of resource persons.

This event is open to all motivated candidates but especially focused on postgraduate students, researchers, and young faculties.

Registration however is on first come, first served basis.

  1. Registration deadline: 10 May, 2015
  2. Program commencement: 17-22 May, 2015

Why Research Methodology?

Nepal Development Research Initiative (NDRI) team has been devoted to policy research, education and development works over a decade is now offering training cum workshop on Research Methodology and Proposal Writing in view to help enhancing the quality of research in both academics and practice. Most postgraduate research programs in developing countries including Nepal do not have adequate research funding, effective supervision and interactions due to a wide gap of teacher-student ratio. Additionally, researchers and students have little access to quality training on research methods, statistics and report writing skills the consequences of which are mediocre theses and proposal writing. They do not attract donor funding. Such poor quality researches are neither appreciated in the international academia nor are utilized in the societies and seldom can contribute to the pool of knowledge and solve the field problems.

This is one of the reasons why NDRI is undertaking this program to benefit postgraduate students, professionals and researchers utilizing but not limited to its interdisciplinary team of experts with the highest academic standings. Our team of professionals’ draws on organization’s most qualified and experienced human resources that can provide hands-on experience and an integrated set of concepts and tools for research effectiveness and skill building.


The objectives of this program are:

·         To provide participants with the knowledge, skills and understanding of research paradigms and quantitative and qualitative divides and their integration in social and natural sciences,

·         To develop in participants the ability to define and formulate the research problem, research questions and setting out research hypotheses to be tested,

·         To enable participants to make decision on the use of appropriate research designs, data collection and analyses using statistical tools and techniques to derive meaningful research results and be able to evaluate other’s research reports and also write excellent project proposals.

Who should attend?

Postgraduate students, research professionals, faculties and development practitioners.

Eligibility: Minimum bachelor’s degree (some knowledge of statistics is desirable but not mandatory).

Enrollment Fee: NPR 8000/person and NPR 15000/person -institutional (13% VAT will be added).  Fee includes stationeries, tea and lunch package.

Duration: 6 working days (Equivalent to 2.4 credit hours)

Date: 17-22 May, 2015

Number of Participants: 25 (first come first serve basis)

Registration: 10 May, 2015 (Registration will not be confirmed without full payment on this deadline)

Mode of Training: Lecture, interaction, practical exercises, presentation and reflective thinking.

Lecture Hour: 1.30 hrs. (From 9 am to 4.30 pm, with one hour mid-day lunch break).

Course Coverage

Prospects, Issues and Problems of Research in Nepal. Philosophy of Research. Defining and formulating Research Problem. Developing Conceptual Framework. Research Design and Methods. Measurement and Scaling Techniques. Validity and Reliability of Measurement. Sampling and Logic behind Sample Size Determination. Importance of Hypothesis in Socio-Economic Research and Test of Significance. Social Survey and Questionnaire Design. Thesis Format and Guidelines for Research Proposal. Qualitative Research and Research Ethics. Winning Proposal Writing. Project Experience and Practices. Data Entry and Processing using SPSS. Correlation and Regression Analysis and their Application in Research. ANOVA and Experimental Design. Multiple Response Analysis. Chi-square test for Nominal Data. Report Writing and Research Communication.

Training Core Group

HariDahal,Ph D; Course Coordinator, Visiting Faculty-Research Methodology and Proposal Writing, Data Handling and Analysis, KU and other Colleges, Senior Policy Analyst, Agriculture and Food Policy, NDRI; former Secretary, Government of Nepal.

Jaya K Gurung,Ph D; Executive Director, NDRI; Environment, Water and Resource Management.

Punya P Regmi,Ph D, Professor, TU (IAAS); former Executive Director, NDRI.

Nawa Raj Khatiwada, Ph D, Associate Professor, Kathmandu University and former Executive Director, NDRI.

Laxmi P Devkota, Ph D, Senior Water Resource Specialist, former Member, National Planning Commission (NPC).

Ms Manjeswori Singh, Ph D, Statistician and Senior Researcher, NDRI.

Ms Rabita Shrestha, Ph D, Social Scientist and Managing Director, NDRI.

Kishor Kumar Khanal, MSc, Biostatistician, KU School of Medical Sciences.

For more information please Contact 
 Ms Rabita Shrestha Mulmi, Ph D,Mobile: 9843058818, email: 01-5537362, 5554975 Center for Advanced Studies