Texas ECA meet 2019 kicks off today

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2019-01-07 - 2019-01-12

Texas International College Premises, Mitrapark, Chabhil, Kathmandu

Texas Int'l Education Network which runs two dynamic educational institutions namely Texas International College and Texas College of Management & IT (TCMIT) is organizing "Texas ECA meet 2019" at its premises. 

The event started from today (Poush 23rd)and will last until Poush 28th, 2075. The competition is intra-college which includes colleges that are part of Texas Int’l Education Network.

Texas has been founded with a set of academicians and entrepreneurs to meet the rising demand for qualified and skilled manpower in the field of Management, Hotel Management, and Science and Technology. Since its very inception, Texas remains as an invitation to learning by both theory and practice.

The activities for today (Poush 23rd) include Marathon, Elocution and Chess.

The event was be graced by Mr. Deepak Raj Giri, a well-known comedian, actor and film maker of Nepal.

The students or the team, who are not present on the given time and the place, they will automatically disqualify for the competition and further round.

The event will be happening as per the following schedule.

NoEventsDate TimePlaceConcerned PersonRemarks
1MarathonPoush 237:00-8:00amTIC to BhatbhateniBRP,KPD,PK,STIndividual only 200 students (First come first entry)
2 ElocutionPoush 2310:00-11:00 amTCMIT HallAL,DB, PA, MG,BK5 minutes for each participant;  Language: English only
3ChessPoush 2311:00 am-1:00pmTCMIT HallDB, RA, SD, YRSDetailed tie sheet will be published later
4EssayPoush 248:00-9:00 amBIT HallAL,PA, BG,DL,KSEssay Topic ‘Global Warming & Tourism’ in English (500-750 words) and submit the essay in handwritten form
5PoemPoush 249:30-10:30 amTCMITAL,PA, BG,DL,KSEnglish or Nepali poems
6CricketPoush 24/258:00 am onwardsSifal GroundRS, BM, SL,AQ,OB and Pratish TeamDetailed tie sheet will be published later; time can slightly be modified
7 BasketballPoush 24/258:00 am onwardsTexas +2 GroundPK, SL,RS and TeamDetailed tie sheet will be published later; time can slightly be modified
8Table TennisPoush 26/277:00 am 10:00 amTICSD,PK, OB,Detailed tie sheet will be published later; time can slightly be modified
9SketchPoush 268:00 am 10:00 amTCMIT HallSK, ST, AQ, KP 
10FutsalPoush 26/2710:30 am onwardsDhanantariSL, YRS and RSDetailed tie sheet will be published later
11 Badminton
(Girls only)
Poush 26/278:00-10:00 amDhanantariPK, SD, SushmaDetailed tie sheet will be published later
12QuizPoush 277:00-10:30 amTCMIT HallAL, BG, PA, DPCategories: History/Geography, Sports/Entertainment, Science/IT, Current Issues, Literature, Audio
13PhotoghraphyPoush 288:00-10:00 amTCMIT HallSK, SPS, ST, ACSports meet photography
14Texas Idol
Poush 2811:00 am onwardsTIC PremisesSSS, BRP, ST, NP, SK,ALNepali songs only (only in track): the students will manage their track for songs themselves
15DancingPoush 2811:00 am onwardsTIC PremisesSSS, BRP, ST, NP,SK,ALNepali or Hindi songs only (only in track ): the students will manage their track and dress themselves; Individual or dual dance


  1. Individual Registration: Poem, Elocution, TT, Chess, Badminton and Essay
  2. Team:
  1. Quiz: Each Section of any grade only one team of 3 person
  2. Cricket:  (1 team = 15 members) / Basketball:  (1 team = 9 members) / Futsal (1 team = 9 members)
  1. +2 Science 3 teams (2 teams  from XI and  1 team from XII)
  2. +2 Management and Humanities 5 teams (3 teams  from XI and  2 teams from XII)
  3. BBS I year 1 team;
  4. BBS II year 1 team;
  5. BBS III/IV year 1 team;
  6. BSW I year +II/III year 2 teams (1+1) team;
  7. BBA I/III semester +V/VII semester 2 teams (1+1) team;
  8. BCA I Semester +CSIT I/III Semester 1 team
  9. CSIT IV-VIII Semester 1 team
  10. MBA I/III/IV 1 Team
  11. BIT/ BCS I+III Semester 2 teams (1+1) team; 

#Students are supposed to choose to play either Basketball or Cricket.
 AC- Ananta Chalise                
AL- Agni Luitel
AQ- Abdul Quadir                  
BK- Bishwa Karki
BM- Bigyan Mainali               
BRP- Bhesh Raj Pokhrel                     
DB- Deepak Bastola               
DL- Druba Luitel                    
KP- Kumar Poudel
KPD- Krishna Pd Dangal
KS- Krishna Shrestha              
MG- Mahendra Gautam                                  
NP- Narayan Pokhrel
OB- Omkar Basnet                 
PK- Prabin Khadka                             
PS- Pratish Shrestha
RA- Rajan Acharya                            
RG- Rugen Sujakhu                
RS- Roshan Shahi
SB- Sadhuram Baskota
SD- Sanjay Duwadi                            
SK- Sarala Karki                     
SL- Samir Lama                                  
SPS- Shankar Pd Sharma                    
SSS- Shyam Sunder Shrestha
ST- Suman Thapaliya                         
YRS- YubRaj Sapkota

Participating Colleges (2)

Texas International CollegeTexas International CollegeMitrapark, Chabhil Kathmandu01-4479017, 01-4490670
Texas College of Management and ITTexas College of Management and ITSiphal, Kathmandu01-4488627, 01-4489134