'Talent Hunt' program of District Education Office Kathmandu

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2015-06-29 - 2015-06-29

Sangeet Pathsala, Pingalasthan-Gaushala

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Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education, Department of Education, District Education office, Kathmandu is going to conduct “Talent Hunt” Program. It has published a notice informing all the institutional and community schools to take part in the program.

1.       Program date: Ashad 14, 12 pm onwards

2.       Venue of the program: Sangeet Pathsala, Pingalasthan-Gaushala (Opposite to Maiti Nepal)

3.       Competition wills he held on 3 categories- Singing, Playing musical instruments and Dance (Local)

4.       Participation:  Students who are studying in class 6-10 in Institutional or Community School.  Schools can participate in all three categories of competition.  

5.       Name registration: Free registration on Ashad 14, 2072 up to 11:30 am.

6.       For more information see the notice below: 

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