Seminar on Prospects and Application of Biotechnology

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2015-09-13 - 2015-09-13

SANN International College, Gairidhara ( Naxal)

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You are invited to attend Seminar on

"Prospects a application of Biotechnology"

Date: Venue: Time: Speakers:27th Bhadra 2072 ( Sunday)

SANN International College: 11: 45 AM

Dr. Pramod Aryal, Dr. Anup Sharma, Dr. Shradha Chipalu, Mr. Dilip Bhattarai

Topic Includes: 

  1. Disease Modelling through System Biology in finding new target and pathways for medicine development.
  2. Phytochemical extraction from Nepalese indigenous plants as potential medicine candidate for development.
  3. Drug identification for management of HIV, TB, Swine Flu, Leprosy using computational Biology and protein modelling. Understanding infectious diseases Flux Balance Analysis through metabolomics.
  4. Genetic Engineering for signal modulation in bacteria for high value chemicals like vitamin and bio plastic production. Confusing bacteria it feel it is in protein starvation for increased nitrogen fixation to replace urea from farming.
  5. Development consortia of bacteria to promote availability of N.P.K.S.  Mg and other trace elements for agricultural productivity.
  6. Managing Earthquake related human loss through lighter but stronger homes, plant tissue culture for building materials.

SANN International College Gairidhara ( Naxal), Kathmandu,
Tel: 4430840/4420509, 9840018473