Punarnirman Education Fair 2015

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2015-07-10 - 2015-07-12

Bhrikutimandap, Exhibition Hall

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SS Engineering Consultancy located at Syuechatar-2, Kathmandu has announced that they are organizing Punarnirman Education Fair 2015 in Bhrikutimandap, Exhibition Hall, Kathmandu from Ashad 25-27, 2072.

i.e. July 10-12, 2015.

Colleges and Universities (+2, Bachelor), CTEVT affiliated colleges, Nursing and Medical Colleges, A level/IB Colleges, Entrance Preparatory Institutes, Education Consultancies, Institution for Standard Test Prepration and Foregin lanaguage will the Exhibitors in the fair. 

They organized has pleadged to donate 10% of the total collected amount from the Event. 

Contact organizer: punarnirman2015@gmail.com