​Post SLC: Career Headstart at Campion Academy

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2016-06-05 - 2016-06-05

Campion Academy, Lagankhel

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Campion Academy, Lagankhel, Lalitpur is organizaing a program "Post SLC: Career Headstart" targetting SLC appeared students. The program will be held in the premises of Campion Academy on 23rd Jestha, 2073 from 10 am onwards.

Campion Academy is offering A level and +2 programs in affiliation with Cambridge University and HSEB respectively.

How to start and Where to start???

This is probably the biggest question that grasps those who are about to cross this Iron Gate (SLC). While some might have planned their carrier carefully and relevantly, it is likely that many others simply haven’t. There is inadequate knowledge and information about the career prospects available in Nepal. And many students seem totally confused.

Come Join Campion "POST CAREER HEADSTART" to get your answer.