Oscar Open House 2019

Oscar International College (College of film Studies) is hosting "Open House 2019" at it's premises on Sukedhara, Kathmandu. The College opens its door to allow the interested students in OPEN HOUSE EVENT which will be held on August 17, 2019 (Saturday).

The event will revolve around the ways in which film makers can learn and upgrade their knowledge and techniques to fit the current scenario. 

Show Highlights

  1. Experience Live film set with film crew & Actors (Get to know the behind the scene of film making) 
  2. Live Editing Session (get to know how a film is made with different raw footages) 
  3. Experience the magic Foley Session (Live sound design)
  4. Camera & Equipment Exhibitions (Get to know how technology has grown throughout many years)
  5. Learn about the history of film making process (Through different DIY devices made by students)
  6. Camera Obscure (Projection of surrounding through a pin hole camera, which will allow you to physically know how camera works)
  7. Portrait Sessions (Get your picture clicked in different lighting setups and fun bokeh lights) (Photos will be made available to you through College facebook page)
  8. Real- time Green Screen Set (Involve in live green screen/ Chromakey and see yourself in famous movie scene or set ups)
  9. Film Screenings (Short films Made by our College students)
  10. Live Dramas (Our students from Acting specialization will showcase a short and fun dramas)
  11. Photo Exhibitions & Many more

Application Form Submission Deadline: 17 August (Shrawan 32).

Send message or Call 01-4371874 to Register.

Participating Colleges (1)

Oscar International College (College of Film Studies)Oscar International College (College of Film Studies)Kathmandu, Kathmandu01-4371874, 01-4370409