Nepal Management Symposium(NMS)

Nepal Management Symposium(NMS)


NMS is a forward looking concept, event and a platform to bind management professionals, enthusiasts and aspirants; a common hub for students, managers, entrepreneurs, academicians, policy makers, consultants and other stakeholders in the world of management. NMS is being organized for the first time in Nepal in 2011. It is conceptualized and promoted by a diverse group of professionals, students and academicians passionate about existing and emerging management issues.


Objectives of NMS 2011

  1. To minimize the expectation gap between management students, professionals and academicians.
  2. To acquaint management professionals, enthusiasts and aspirants with existing and emerging management issues.
  3. To share regional best practices and trends in the world of management aimed at uplifting national management standards and practices.


In Summary

  1. NMS will host college students from various business schools from all over Nepal and corporate participants from various industries in a 3 day program at a suitable venue in the valley.
  2. The three day event will be divided into local and regional management issues. There will be a total of 7 sessions on the local issues in Day 1 and Day 2 followed up by a one day conference on the regional management issues on Day 3.
  3. Sessions will have panellists from relevant industries and students presenting (in various formats) on suitable themes under the session topics. 
  4. Every session will be followed by high tea where industry participants get to interact with young minds interested in their respective areas. A CV database will be compiled from the participating students and will be provided to the participating corporate guest for future referral and hiring possibilities.
  5. Concluding the local sessions will be a summary session at the end of Day 2. The objective of the summary session will be to produce conclusive whitepaper on the topics discussed. The summary session will have participants from the seven sessions held in Day 1 and Day 2.
  6. Day 3 will host a regional management conference where regional management experts will be presenting on a suitable theme to corporate participants.