Neetishala: The Public Policy Discourse

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2013-08-02 - 2013-08-02

Kings College, Babarmahal

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Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation. announced Neetishala - the public policy discourse, with the Professor Dr. William Rurger.

What is Neetishala?

Neetishala is a Six day residential workshop empowering young people to understand about public policies and its implication on day to day life, to equip them with the knowledge of seeing public policies beyond their general appearance, to stimulate them with some economic policies that are vital to the prosperity of the country and to add curiosities to find policy solutions to the economic problem of Nepal. As an addition, Neetishala will also provide an understanding of advocacy and its tools and their usage to aware, influence and lobby the general public and policy makers to make decisions and policies for the growth of the nation.

Methods used

- Lectures & Presentations
- Discussions & Debates
- Simulations & Exercises
- Readings & Group Works

Why should you apply?

- To learn about Public Policy 
- To discover its impacts and implications on daily life
- To understand your Role in the System
- To identify the hurdles in the growth of the nation and find solutions to them
- To learn and experience advocacy, its tools and their usage
- To prepare yourself for a career in a Think Tank
- To build networks
- To step up from being a thinker to being a doer


- Age: 20-29 years

- Education: Undergraduate (currently enrolled) and above

Date : 2nd - 6th August 2013 ( 5 days, 2 hours a day )
Time : 10:30 am to 12:30 pm  
Venue :  Programme hall (6th floor) at Kings College, Babarmahal, 


  1. Social welfare from a Market Perspective.
  2. Regional Trade / Constitutionalism.
  3. Political Framework for Economic growth.
Limited seats !!!
To participate, fill up the attached application form adn send it to by 25th july 2013.

Note : Participants need to attend all sessions in order to receive the Certificate of Graduation. 

Participation Fee : Rs 1500/ only, payable only after selection
 For more other information 9849255384 (Anil Parajuli)