​3rd National Business Schools Rating-Ranking Awards-2017

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2017-07-21 - 2017-07-21


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New Business Age and Arthik Abhiyan is going to conduct 3rd National Business Schools Rating-Ranking-Awards 2017. This event will take place on Friday, 21 July, 2017 (6th Sharwan, 2014).

Categories of Ranking

  1. Best B-Schools of Nepal (MBA)
  2. Best B-Schools of Nepal (MBS)
  3. Best B-Schools of Nepal (Bachelor's Level)
  4. Best Tourism Colleges of Nepal
  5. Best out of Kathmandu B-School of Nepal (MBA, MBS, BBA, BBS)
  6. Best B-Schools of Different Regions (MBA, MBS, Bachelor's Level)

View the results of last years Ranking in the link below

Best 10 Business-School (B-School) of Nepal