Jamunko Rukh, Charity Show

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2012-07-14 - 2012-07-14

Nepal Tourism Board

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Koseli school( school for slum and street kids) and Gari khana deu are organizing a drama for charity. Koseli school which is facing some financial hardships to educate the slums and street kids, this might be your chance to enjoy the drama by children of Koseli school and contribute a small amount which will brighten up the dark future that many street kids have reserved for them.
  1. Date: 30 Asar, saturday (14 July, 2012)
  2. Price of ticket: Rs. 250
  3. Time: 4.45 pm and 6pm( you can attend the time that is feasible to you)
If you wish to enjoy the drama and help the street kids brighten up their future, then please contact me for the ticket.
Hope to see you enjoying the awesome drama :)
If you cannot attend, please do spread the word. It would mean a lot to children of Koseli School.