International Workshop on Agribusiness Promotion

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2012-04-06 - 2012-04-06

Kathmandu Nepal

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Key to improvement in agricultural growth is enhanced competitiveness of smallholder farmers and the agribusiness sector, and strengthening the linkages between the two. Global evidence shows that in agriculture-dependant economies like Nepal, smallholder farmers have played a pivotal role in the growth of competitive and successful agribusinesses. The international workshop on agribusiness, to be held in Kathmandu, Nepal, focuses on sharing experiences, successes and lessons learned from various agribusinesses in developing countries. The theme for the workshop is “Bringing together technologies, innovations and information for growth and sustainability of agribusiness”. The workshop has the following main objectives:

  1. To provide a networking platform for successful and emerging agribusinesses, and to offer an opportunity for sharing of experiences and success stories.
  2. To facilitate exchange of knowledge on the use of information, communication and technologies (ICTs) in enhancing the capacity to strengthen the value chain of agriculture products.
  3. To solicit ideas in assisting the emerging agribusinesses in conforming to the established norms of regional and international trade.
  4. To suggest national, regional and international policymakers on the role of public private partnership, ways to improve the business environment and their sustainability, and measures to address technical barriers to trade agreements (TBTs).


Key Topics

• Sustainable linkages between smallholder farmers and agribusinesses

• Enhancing innovation and entrepreneurship in agriculture business

• Agribusiness incubation and good practice

• Policy and institutional interventions for conducive business environment

• Public-private partnership

Agri SME Competition and Display

The workshop will also showcase agribusinesses representing various pertinent subsectors of the country as a parallel event. Interested parties are requested to contact and reserve area by 15 March 2012
If you have any questions or comments about the workshop please contact us
Contact Information:
Project for Agriculture Commercialization and Trade 
Salla Ghari, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-4017765
Fax: +977-1-4373236

Abstracts Submission

General guidelines

•The participants are cordially invited to submit scientific abstracts for oral/poster presentations on the main topics of the workshop:

•Abstracts can be submitted online, through the workshop website by 1 March 2012 .

•Abstracts submitted without registration will not be entertained.Please register for the workshop atRegistration

•Abstracts will be subsequently reviewed by a panel of experts. Notification of acceptance(Oral or Poster) of abstract will be mailed to the author by 7 March, 2012

•Authors are required to submit their full paper (electronic) by March 25, 2012

For More information visit official website.