International Conference on Forest, People and Climate: Changing Paradigm

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2013-08-28 - 2013-08-28

Hotel fulbari Resort, Pokhara

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The Institute of Forestry/Tribhuvan University, is organizingthe International Conference on Forests, People and Climate:Changing Paradigm in collaboration with the Department
of Forest Research and Survey/Ministry of Forests and SoilConservation, Nepal and Forest and Landscape/University of Copenhagen, Denmark with a theme “Forest for  livelihood prosperity in the face of climate change.”
It aims to disseminateup-to-date information and practical experiences from natural resource management, where the community plays a central role in biodiversity conservation and livelihood improvement particularly in rural areas.
The conference theme reminds us of the responsibility we have to take both for individual and collective action on the issues that affect the whole globe. It emphasizes the
urgency for worldwide response to biodiversity conservation and livelihood improvement through good governance, climate change adaptation, and better forest management for
action on the part of all stakeholders at the global, national, regional and local levels. Strengthening community based systems and addressing the underlying social injustices, which contribute to forest degradation and the vulnerability of poor people (e.g., unsustainable economic growth, poverty, gender inequality, weak governance and social exclusion), are all essential strategies in the international response to climate change and natural resource scarcity.
People interested in community based approaches to conservation and development of forests are invited to present their own work on the topic. Contributions analyzing
experiences with the effect of stressors, including climate change, on rural livelihoods and local-level vulnerabilities in the institutional context of community based forest
management are invited.
Conference venue:
Hotel Fulbari Resort, Pokhara, Nepal.

Important dates:
  1. Submission of abstracts: May 30th, 2013
  2. Notification of acceptance: June 30th, 2013
  3. Conference: August 28th-30th, 2013
Registration and conference fee:
The full conference fee including materials, lunches, coffee and conference dinner is US$300 for International and NPR7000 for Nepali participants. The fee for early registration "earlybird" (deadline: end of May 2013) is $200 for International and NPR5000 for Nepali participants.
Institute of Forestry/TU, Department of Forest Research and Survey/MoFSC, and Forest and Landscape/University of Copenhagen, Denmark.We will also like to welcome co-sponsorship and/or organization of side events during or after the conference by interested institutions.
The conference secretariat is at the Institute of Forestry, ComForM Project, Hariyo Kharka, Pokhara, Nepal. Please contact the following conference organizing committee
members on any matter regarding the conference:
  1. Santosh Rayamajhi <> mobile 9840051018;
  2. Abadhesh Singh <> mobile 9856033387;
  3. Hasta Bahadur Thapa <> mobile 984149100

For more information please visit this website: Institute of Forestry Conference website