India Education Expo 2019

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2019-06-14 - 2019-06-15

UWTC Building, Tripureswor, Kathmandudu,

“Quality Education at affordable Prices,

Great opportunity for NEPALI Students to study in INDIA”

Nepal is a rising place for abroad study and nowadays India has become the most chosen destiny for every students. To explore and to provide the best platform for optimum fulfillment of student’s desire and questions about the abroad study, Introduction Trade Shows Nepal P. Ltd. is honored to organize “India Education Expo 2019” from 14th June to 15th June 2019 at DECC, 4th Floor, UWTC building, Tripureswor, Kathmandu. This is the best education exhibition that will provide a big opportunity to students to gain information about the emerging career options in various fields of education and to choose the best course as well as best institute for their further education.

This event is an ideal exhibition where Colleges, Universities and all Educational Institutions from various places come to meet specifically with students and parents directly for more effective and productive interaction regarding their professional courses. They also can share their knowledge and experiences by formulating result-oriented strategies to serve the evolving needs of the country’s educational sector under the brand name “India Education Expo 2019”

More importantly, these kinds of fairs & exhibitions provide all the aspiring students with an extreme informative and viable opportunity to know the best ways to choose and brighten their future, whereas the fair will also tremendously help all the educational institutions who are looking for potential students with many queries and interest.


  1. India offers quality education at affordable Prices, and cost effective residential facilities
  2. Indian degrees are well received globally
  3. In a crumbling global economy, India offers relatively brighter career opportunities
  4. India has many similarities in cultures, Food, language, Climate etc. with other Asian countries which makes students comfortable
  5. English is the primary language used in Indian education, making it competent worldwide


  1. Schools
  2. Colleges
  3. Universities
  4. Science and Technology
  5. Journalism and Mass Communication
  6. Art and Design School
  7. Music School
  8. Educational Clubs and Associations
  9. Recruitment Agencies
  10. Tourism and Hospitality
  11. Private companies
  12. Educational Loan Provider
  13. Abroad Study Consultancies
  14. Training Institute
  15. Psychological Counseling
  16. Libraries
  17. Research Institutions
  18. Development Training
  19. Grooming Institutions
  20. Government Sector
  21. Training Institutions


  • School, College and University Students
  • High School Students
  • Parents & Teachers
  • Fresh Graduates
  • Training Specialists
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Culture and Education Departments of Embassies
  • Representatives of Government Departments
  • Educational Institutions
  • Trade & Professional Associations & Organizations
  • Journalists & Broadcasters
  • Educational Content Providers
  • Publishers
  • Agents & Distributors


  1. Discover the latest subject matter related to education and its returns.
  2. Face-to-Face Meetings with different national & international institutions
  3. Find out “Show Specials” including Free distribution, Scholarships and Discounts
  4. Network with other Successful institutions
  5. Convenient, One-Stop platform for education seekers
  6. Unique Competitive choosing Opportunities
  7. Develop Key Business Relationships
  8. Meet the “Best New Product” Candidates
  9. Media feed generation about the event
  10. Free to Attend


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