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First National Conference on Bioenergy

August 24, 2011 00:00
August 24, 2011 00:00
NAST Auditorum Hall
  • 77-1-5550813 (office)


The conference will be conducted for two days with plenary lecture by resource persons on each thematic papers as above mentioned subtopics. Researchers and Technologists will make oral and poster presentation on relevant topics. Ample space will be provided to industries for exhibition as paid service.

Authors of papers selected for presentation in the conference will be expected to give oral or poster presentation during the conference and submit the extended abstract (2-4 pages) as per the suggested guidelines before the deadlines. All accepted papers will be published in proceedings. Abstracts of accepted papers will be published in the conference proceeding in hard copy/CD-ROM, which will be handed over to the delegates at the registration counter.

Important dates and deadlines:

  1. First call for Paper: 10th June, 2011
  2. Second call for papers: 18th July, 2011
  3. Date of results announcement of the abstracts: 7 th August, 2011
  4. Last date of submission of extended abstract: 15th Aug, 2011
  5. Registration date : 10th August to 20th August

Aim and Objectives:
Our prime aim of this conference is to get united and make univocal information on bioenergy that could make a single platform for such burning issues of the country. In addition,
we will float the concept how to formulate the policy of generating and exploiting bioenergy and devote for promotion of it so as to take the energy for cooking from its own biowastes
and drive its entire vehicle with bio fuel added oil. This conference aims to bring all the stakeholders together to share their expertise and activities, so that streamlined plan of action could be derived to meet the need of the country. This conference is going to be the first of its kind in Nepal and it will open the door for the expert to make a platform to organize the future events and create a network of the stakeholders. Hence, the major objectives of the conference are:
1. To intensify discussion on bioenergy and biomass related issues.
2. To make aware all stakeholders; policy makers, experts and general public about the importance of bioenergy and biomass wastes.
3. To inspire all entrepreneurs, industrialists and individual to utilize our unused sources of energy and make better and sustainable society.

Technical Sessions of the Conference

The main theme of the conference is “Bio Energy: an opportunity for the sustainable society ” with following sub themes:

  1. Policy: advocating the bioenergy, inspiring the users to use bio energy, formulate the concept of bio-energy in national and international level
  2. Technology: Energy generation from solid wastes, biofuel generation and testing, production of biogas, Effective use of biomass wastes
  3. Promotion: Promotional activities of Bioenergy, Knowledge transfer of bioenergy production and its utilization