BRAIN DRAIN to BRAIN GAIN by Biotechnology Society of Nepal

December 31, 2010 00:00
December 31, 2010 00:00
NAST Premises, Satdobato

Biotechnological Society of Nepal (BSN) is a non-profit making, non-government organization of all national and cross-national learned Societies, Universities, Institutes, Companies, and individuals interested in the promotion of Biotechnology throughout Nepal and beyond.

BSN has different programs started in the field of Biotechnology in Nepal. Here we would like to discuss the project title ``Information Sharing``. Under this project we run different programs i) Website and wiki project ii) E-Bulletin and E-Interview Publication iii) Nepal Journal of Biotechnology and iv) Information sharing with homecoming friends. We will focus mainly on the fourth project now.

Information Sharing with Homecoming Friends
It is true that the immigration rate from Nepal is increasing day by day as well as the brain drain is being the main problem of Nepal. Biotechnology Society of Nepal develops some concept to give some platform to those skill people who are coming back to home in one or the other way. The people of our interest will be the students doing their masters PhD or post doc studies in the field of life sciences and biotechnology as well as we will take the professionals who are working in the field of biotechnology abroad. 

What will be the outcome?

  1. People will get a place to share their research and project idea. 
  2. Will help them to know about the work being done in this field of their research in Nepal. 
  3. This will help Nepalese scientists to know the current research being done abroad. 
  4. This project will also help for the collaboration in between the personal level and intuitional. 
  5. The project is mainly targeted to the Nepalese biotechnologists who are abroad for the presentation whereas the listeners will be from Nepal; scientists, professors, researchers, industrialists, policymakers and the investors, NGOs/INGOs, students working in the field of Biotechnology in Nepal.