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Bal Utsav- Celebrating Talent, an International Talent hunt

January 05, 2013 00:00
January 05, 2013 00:00
YES! Club World Nepal New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Bal Utsav- Celebrating Talent, an International Talent hunt, organized annually by YES! Club World Nepal, for kids and teenagers of age group 8-18 during their winter holidays.

Bal Utsav- Celebrating Talent is an annual event of YES! Club world Nepal and it stands up as a platform for talent expose for kids and youth of the age group 8-18. Bal Utsav focuses on the overall development of the participants. The basic objective is to carve the participants personality through tools of seminar, workshop, adventure camps, Involvement in Community Activity (Sewa) and many more.

Bal Utsav was initiated in Nepal after immense success of Grishma Mahotsav, similar event organized in India by Art of Living India.

Bal Utsav started in 2010 in Nepal and has been getting bigger and better ever since, the port folio of its success is such that countries like South Africa and New Zealand have organized similar Talent Hunt there.

Bal Utsav –Celebrating talent is a Talent Hunt which aims to pick students  who are talented in Music, Dance and Vocals, groom their skills and provide an ideal platform to stage their talents. It is strictly a talent hunt and not a competition as we do not have winners but ambassadors in the respective fields.

Every year BAL UTSAV Ambassador in Music, Dance, Vocals and Arts are felicitated who get an opportunity to contribute to the society with their skills and also bear the responsibility to hold the Bal Utsav program for the following year-a trend that has been followed till date.

For the year 2010, Ambassador of Music, Dance and Art were Ushna K.C, Neha Shrestha and Kusum Kalikote respectively. For the following year, 2011, the Ambassador of Music, Dance and Art were Alina Prajapati, Jenish Amatya and Aakash respectively. The ambassadors have been using their skills for various social causes and have been leading projects for  YES! Club.


  • enhancing participants skills and abilities in their field of interest
  • building confidence, concentration and caring behavior
  • developing pleasant behavior with family and friends
  • to make them take responsibility of their own environment and society
  • building up "I CAN" ability in them

Event particulars

For Kids of 8-13 years

  • Participating as well as grooming sessions on one of the talent category (MUSIC, DANCE, VOCALS and ARTS) by experienced facilitators.
  • All Round Training in Excellence- ART EXCEL/AE Course

Tailor made for young ones, the ART Excel is highly effective program that inspires and positively shapes the lives of children. It helps them to release stress and overcomes emotions like fear, anger, aggression, shyness etc. through breath. It develops concentration, builds confidence, and inculcates human values such as caring, sharing, trust respect, through interactive games and various processes.

In order to be successful in life children need, not only academic skills, but also life skills, this is where the ART Excel course comes in.

  • SpellsmartClass 3, 4 and 5

(International Course accredited by the Core Knowledge Foundation, Virginia )
A fun and innovative class where children play competitive spelling based games with a running score-board, with the aim of improving the child’s quality of English spellings by introducing him/her to Phonetics and regular spell-checks. Innovative new games and activities are constantly introduced to keep the children’s interest alive and use new methods to promote learning.

  • Mathemagic (An Integrated form of Vedic Mathematics)  Class 6 and 7

A short and effective course for fast and easy calculations . Also removes Math phobia , Stress less techniques, Quick and easy solution based calculations. Highly beneficial, simpler yet more interesting than regular Math. Also, we will have Math tricks and Sudoku.

  •  Fun with Language session (As of now Newari and Spanish)

The children will be taken simple classes of Newari language and Also Spanish as of now with some few sessions where they learn a bit of greeting each others in that language

  • Art/Craft- It is intended to provide kids with basic craft skill to build useful stuffs for various purposes from simple objects such as paper, glue etc. Craft aids in fosters kids’ creativity. 
  • Sewa – Involving kids in social activities such as plantation, awareness campaigns to plant the feeling of social responsibility in them

For Teenagers of 14-18 Years

  • Participating as well as grooming skills on one of the talent categories (MUSIC, DANCE, VOCALS and ARTS) by our experienced facilitators.
  • Youth Empowerment Seminar- YES!

In a age when young adults grapple with peer pressure and stiff academic competition, the YES! Program enables teens to excel by equipping them to handle their minds, inculcating a sense of belongingness and instilling leadership skills. Through interactive processes , discussion and games, student benefit from improved memory, concentration, clarity, creativity and confidence

  • Mathemagic (An Integrated form of Vedic Mathematics) Class 8,9,10,11 and 12
    A short and effective course for fast and easy calculations . Also removes Math phobia , Stress less techniques, Quick and easy solution based calculations. Highly beneficial, simpler yet more interesting than regular Math. Also, we will have Math tricks and Sudoku.
  • Photography – We tend to introduce the participants with the skill of photography. We introduce photographic process on outline history, fundamentals, composition, camera lenses, caption writing, tips for getting the best images, photo review , analyzing photos and scopes of photography. There will be projects for the participants during and after the workshop and which can get featured nationally as well as internationally.
  • One Day Adventure Camp focusing on community service and leadership program as a life-skill and value education program that  aims to equip young people to begin a new phase in life where they are expected to make important decisions, choose a career, and take responsibility for themselves and deal with the world that await them. Through a combination of community service activities, and other outdoor opportunities that allow them to practice leadership as well as develop several other important life-skills.
  • Productive use of New Media and Social media tools
    Teenagers learn using new media , web and social media productively for their studies as well as for their future life from experts.
  • Youth Interactive Series

Teenagers and youths of their age group who have succeeded in the national and international areana will talk about the hurdles as well as reaching to the goal they achieved. The inspirational series is focused on BEING A PART OF CHANGE!

Event Details

  • Date : 5 – 20 January,2013 ( 21 Poush – 7 Magh,2069 )

For Age Group 8-13 : 5-20 January, 2013( 21 Poush – 7 Magh,2069 )

For Age Group 14-18: 9-20 January. 2013( 25 Poush- 7 Magh 2069)

  • Time: 10 am – 4:30 pm
  • Venue:               YES! Club World Nepal,
    The Art of Living,Dil Niwas,New Baneswor,Kathmandu,NepalBehind Nanglo Bakery Cafe/Everest Hotel)
    9803147991,9841847741, 9808530042, 9849323262 9808675895, 9803039750

About YES! Club-World Nepal

YES! Club World Nepal is entrusted with the responsibility of promoting and empowering youths.  It operates its initiatives with a basic motto “Uplifting the Youth of the World to a Better way of Living”

YES Club Nepal has organized various events like BAL UTSAV-International Talent Hunt, Youth and Teen Camps, Youth Interactive Series etc that aim at motivating and promoting kids and teens.  It also leads bold projects such as Spread A Smile,  Stand Up and Take Action, Awareness through Arts and many more  which not only empower the youths who are involved but also are beneficial to the  community.

YES Club Nepal’s projects help these youths to identify their hidden ability and magnify that ability in every way possible. It aims to enrich the ability of those kids or teenagers who posses in a manner that their abilities can have a social impact thus helping them grow as a socially responsible person. Here at YES!Club World we believe that teenagers can be change makers and thus motivate them to stand up and get involved for change.