Ayon School of Youth

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2012-03-31 - 2012-03-31

Association of Youth Organizations Nepal, AYON 42-Danphemarga, Babarmahal,

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AYON SCHOOL OF YOUTH is a platform for young leaders' enhancing their capacity to carry out community based advocacy and campaign on various issues. It will help youth to build networking, capacity building leadership and skills development. This will provide skills and motivation to know them, engage in dialogue with others and carry out insightful social action projects in their community. Recognizing youth organizations as contributors to their societies and cultures - players not spectators; able to influence for the benefit of their wider communities.

AYON School of Youth is a program designed for youth which is completely activism oriented rather. It will be 2-3 days program comprising of both Workshop and Outdoor activities. The School of Youth will impart sessions on Youth Movement, Activism, how it all began, how to engage oneself with Youth and Activism, how to work with and engage Youth, foster Youth Partnership. It will also equip AYON Member Organizations with skills and strategies on Fund-raising, building linkages with Youth, Activism and Campaigning and provide overall understanding on Youth movement, activism and how to work with “Youth” in particular. To participate in this program interested youth are requested to apply by filling the application form.

Commitment Fee: Rs. 300

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the AYON SCHOOL OF YOUTH! To be eligible to apply, you must:
a) be aged between 16 and 29
b) be able to attend the ayon school of youth on March and April
c) be a member of youth organization, club, alumni or student council
Application forms must be sent to ayon@ayon.org or brabim@ayon.org by 27 February 2012