Annual International Conference on Information Technology for Development

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2012-07-26 - 2012-07-26

Kathmandu, Nepal

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This is an interdisciplinary conference that aims to serve as a forum for researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and development workers who like to share their experience and knowledge of how the power and capabilities of information technologies (IT) can be harnessed for social equity, democracy, and economic advancement in developing countries like Nepal. Over the last few years, Nepal has seen a rapid growth in the use of IT as seen by the rising adoption of mobile phone, Internet connectivity, growing software companies and computer institutes, and increasing interest shown by the public in this field. As a developing country which is faced with the lack of physical infrastructures and resources, and further challenged by its land-locked and mountainous terrain, Nepal has unprecedented opportunity to make a quantum jump ahead through the sustainable and strategic use of IT. For this conference, we invite contributions in terms of research articles, case studies, reports, and panel discussions.

Following are some possible topics for the conference:

  • Policy and governance issues in IT
  • Theoretical and conceptual foundation of IT for development
  • Access, accessibility and digital divide
  • Economic impact modelling and assessment
  • Social implications of IT
  • Entrepreneurship and empowerment
  • Emerging IT
  • Software development trends: Insourcing, outsourcing, offshoring
  • Open source software and cloud computing
  • Computer education for skilled manpower
  • ehealth, elibrary, online eductaion
  • IT & Education

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