38th Aishwarya Shield Spelling Contest

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2013-08-15 - 2013-08-15

St Xavier’s School Jawalakhel

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Godavari Alumni Association (GAA), a non-profit organisation working to empower the youth through various activities and events, is organising the 38th Aishwarya Shield Spelling Contest. 

Aishwarya Shield Spelling Contest is one of the most popular and effective programmes among school students which helps them learn the importance of correct spellings and its meanings. 
The competition has helped students improve their spelling, increase their vocabulary, learn concepts and develop adequate use of correct English and also increase their reference to dictionaries resulting in higher score on standardised tests and college preparation tests.
Students of St Xavier’s and St Mary’s schools are coordinating the event. GAA has selected 20 schools (19 private schools and one community school) for the spelling contest. 
Venue: St Xavier’s School Jawalakhel 
Date: August 15 to  September 6, 2013
Schools participating in  38th Aishwarya Shield Spelling Contest: 
  1. St Xavier’s School (Godavari),
  2. St Xavier’s School (Jawalakhel),
  3. Daffodil Public School,
  4. the Skylark English School,
  5. Nightingale School,
  6. Vishwo Niketan School,
  7. VS Niketan School etc