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16th National Technological Festival – LOCUS 2019

February 07, 2019 04:15
February 09, 2019 10:15
IOE, Pulchowk Campus
  • +9779867118437

LOCUS is a technological festival organized jointly by students of Electronics, Computer and Electrical Departments of Pulchowk Campus. This year LOCUS is being organized for the sixteenth time with the theme, “Rural Development using ICT” on Magh 24, 25 ,26 (2075) - February 7, 8, 9, (2019).

Every year LOCUS conducts many skill development programs, competitive hardware, software and electrical events among students from various national level colleges as well as non-competitive events like exhibition, seminars, paper presentation, gaming competitions, simulation competition and many more providing a platform for interaction and healthy competition among creative minds in technical fields and marketing management.

LOCUS 2019 (Rural Development Using ICT) calls for candidates to showcase their projects. 40 thousand visitors visit locus every year.

Registration Fee:  Rs. 500

Proposal Submission Deadline: Magh 20, 2075

Click here to register for LOCUS PROJECT COMPETITION

LOCUS 2019 proudly presents Robowarz 2019. Robo Warz is a war between two robots. The robots are vehicular with differential or omni-directional drive. The game is about pushing and using the mentioned weapon as in the rulebook to the opponent robot in the circular or hexagonal Arena.The Last Robot standing in the arena will be the Winner of the game.

Registration Fee: Rs.1500

click here to register for ROBOWARZ Robot Battle

ROBOLOCUS 2019 will be fully dedicated in sharpening the skills of students and everyone involved from its participating institutions. It is our strong belief that this competition will be a good platform to expand as well as uplift the Robotics Community from the basic level.

To know more about the event, please visit the site:


Pulchowk Engineering Campus

Ph: +9779867118437 (Locus 2019 Coordinator)